FHI Heat – I Was Working It Out!

CNN Interview

A quick interview while I was at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show mid-summer 2010 right across the street from the CNN Center.

Access Atlanta Article

Things have really been moving fast in my life since the Chris Rock “Good Hair” documentray and show no signs of slowing up. Here is an article that was written about me for Access Atlanta.

If challenged, Jason Griggers could, with the aid of some glue, a comb and a flat iron, transform a woman’s hair into the shape of a helicopter. The only thing missing would be the swooshing sound of blades.

Click Here to read the rest of the article.

Bronner Brothers Hairshow 2010

For those of you who will be attending the Bronner Bros. Hair Show, be sure to stop by and see me onstage at the FHI HEAT stage! I’ll be demonstrating how to create several stunning looks and will explain why FHI tools are the best on the market.

Also, you should sign up to follow me on TWITTER! I’ll be tweeting comments & pics throughout the entire show!